EASTEL philosophy is based on three important principles.

  • Customer requirements and expectations are the focus of all our activities.
  • Development of our people, as individuals and as a team, is essential for our success.
  • Improving our product, processes and services is a continuous initiative.

Our success as a company depend on meeting all the total needs of our customers.
Instead of just introducing a good product and marketing it, we make the effort to learn what our customers require from Eastel, and then to deliver based on those standards.
EASTEL works more closely with customers to understand, anticipate and respond to their needs
and expectations, both present and future.

EASTEL believes it is essential for us as an organization to be guided by the Voice of the customer.
Competitive pricing reflecting the value of products, quality, on-time delivery and partnerships are
important customer needs that we have identified.
We will continue to monitor Voice of customer regularly and respond accordingly.

EASTEL wants to be recognized  as a leader in smart phone industry and related terminal market and to be respected as a competitive and valued partner.
Our commitment to serving our customers is essential to achieve this goal.